Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The beginning....

of the end of our townhome, that is. This 2 year experiance has turned into a 6 year one. But after 4 children and too much stuff we are ready to move into the land of owning a house and selling a townhome.

We've house shopped off and on for a few years. We have been looking around the 250 range. With the housing market being so bloated and short sells aplenty we knew this was the time to find something. Our plan now is to sell low, and buy low. We found out though after looking that you needed to be looking closer to the 400+ to find great deals. In the 250-300 range the houses needed more work: new carpet, paint, kitchen, moving walls, moving strangely placed bathrooms...

Jeff then called Kevin a builder to see what lots were like. We even put an offer in on a lot in Lindon that was a bit of drama. Then Kevin took us to a lot in Salem. We had heard of it but thought it was too far. As we walked around the neighborhood we realized how beautiful the view of the mountains and the city were! It was flat and just under a half acre.

We bought the lot for $53,900 and found out later that there had been a few other offers on the lot and we only got it because we offered full price. We signed papers December 17, 2010 and I was all ready to build after Christmas.

Then we got to work on the floor plans and discovered all the HOA requirements.